Mesos Runtime Configuration

The Mesos master and agent can take a variety of configuration options through command-line arguments or environment variables. A list of the available options can be seen by running mesos-master --help or mesos-agent --help. Each option can be set in two ways:

  • By passing it to the binary using --option_name=value, either specifying the value directly, or specifying a file in which the value resides (--option_name=file://path/to/file). The path can be absolute or relative to the current working directory.

  • By setting the environment variable MESOS_OPTION_NAME (the option name with a MESOS_ prefix added to it).

Configuration values are searched for first in the environment, then on the command-line.

Additionally, this documentation lists only a recent snapshot of the options in Mesos. A definitive source for which flags your version of Mesos supports can be found by running the binary with the flag --help, for example mesos-master --help.

Master and Agent Options

These are options common to both the Mesos master and agent.

See configuration/

Master Options

See configuration/

Agent Options

See configuration/

Libprocess Options

See configuration/

Mesos Build Configuration

Autotools Options

If you have special compilation requirements, please refer to ./configure --help when configuring Mesos.

See configuration/

CMake Options

See configuration/